"P.K. Hallinan is a master at being able to identify with the young child, as well as being a gifted poet."


Dear P.K.
Thank you for coming and sharing with us. You draw good.

Dear P.K.
I like your drawings and I am pretty good myself.


Dear P.K.
I like your books and your drawings. You must work hard.


Dear P.K. Hallinan,
Thank you for coming to our school. Your pictures were cool.
I am glad you came and books
are great.


Dear P.K.
I was absent but my friend said it was great.

Dear P.K.,
I just wanted to say I love your books. The first one I ever got was a gift about 4 years ago and since then, every time I see one I buy it. Your illustrations are wonderful and the stories are priceless. Both of my children love to hear them read and I love reading them. Keep up the good work and thank you for the priceless memories you have helped me create with my children.
-Debra B.

Dear Mr. Hallinan...
Our family absolutely adores your books.  We started reading How Do I Love You to our daughter when she was an infant.  It is so touching, that we sometimes cry as we think of the incredible blessing our daughter is and how much we really do love her.  It is impossible to say!  We have since collected almost all of you board books and read them every night at bedtime.  Thank you for creating wonderful, colorful, and concise books with core Christian messages.  We anticipate your future books. God Bless
-The McCullough family 

Dear P K,
I accidentally came across one of your books when I was shopping years ago. I was attracted to the adorable illustration and decided to see what it had to say. After reading the first book (My Mother and I) I was hooked. Iíve bought the majority of your board books and now that my kids are getting bigger Iím starting a new collection of your books (although I plan on completing the board book collection!!). We have bought them for everybody we know for birthdays and Christmas and for the births of new babies. You are by far my favorite author and I am so blessed every time I read your books. Thank you so much for the Biblically based books that help me teach my children the values that I want them to grow up learning!!
-Leigh Anne H.
Dear Mr. Hallinan,
You are our favorite author. We give your books to all our friends, teachers,
doctors, dentists! (Our dentist did not have your 'My Dentist, My Friend" in
his collection of children dental-related books! He was thrilled with the new
addition to his collection. We look forward to reading your new book when
available! We love your artwork, too!
Thanks so much for sharing your gift!
-Ann, Larry, William D.
Dear P.K.,
I am thrilled to hear from you and know that you are keeping the wonderful books coming.  I will be looking forward to seeing this one...a lesson we all need to learn and instill in our children from an early age!  Thanks for keeping us posted!  By the way, I got the A B C I Love You book as you suggested (I had actually already ordered it) and you're right, it's terrific.  I also love the Heartprints and the My Mommy and I book.  We're up to 5 of your many books and my son loves them!  It's all we read these days.   Thanks again and peace be with you!
-Trish A.

The first author I met through this program was P.K. Hallinan, who writes magnificent children's books filled with rhythm and rhyme and great stories.
He was our visiting author where I was a student teaching, and the kids adored him as a person as well as his books! We begin each year in my classroom by reading P.K.'s stories about school and friends, and there are a LOT of them to read!
-Victoria S.


Dear PK,
Thank you for coming to our school. I like your books and think you're a great artist. Thank you once again. Your always welcomed.

Dear Mr. Hallinan,
I just thought I'd share that I've been collecting your books for some time now as a soon-to-be adoptive mom. We just brought our son home from Russia (photo below). Now I am enjoying reading all of them to him. I have to say that the one that chokes me up each time is "How Do I Love You?" But frankly all of your books are our favorites. Thanks for touching lives with your God-given talent.
Dear PK Hallinan,
Thanks for coming to our school. You are very funny. You are a good drawer. I wish I could draw as good as you. If you think your drawings were bad, you should see mine.
Sincerely your friend,

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